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Acoustic Range Improve Acoustics With Ecco Board
Our Sound Absorbing products are designed to reduce echo or Reverberation within a space. These materials will help to Improve speech clarity and sound quality creating a more Comfortable and productive environment.

ettings that benefit from sound absorbing products include Auditoriums, gymnasiums, classrooms, houses of worship, Offices, call centres, conference rooms, homes, home theatres, Home studios and many others. If you believe your situation Requires the use of sound absorbing materials for better Acoustics, call us.

We will help you analyze the problem and determine the right Product to solve your sound dilemma. Our acoustic panels are a Perfect marriage of polyester and function. Excellent acoustic Performance combines with a multitude of finishes, sizes and configurations for limitless design potential. The craftsmanship And materials are of the highest standards available in the Market.
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These Acoustical wall Panels can be used directly on the walls Forty Eight Color/ Shade Options.
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